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Oil Refinery Process

The refinery is processing 21 out of 24 grades in Kazakhstan Republic, Astana City crude and 15 different petroleum products, including automotive gasoline, aviation kerosene, diesel fuel D6, black oil, petroleum coke, and others. The plant is meeting the republic’s entire demand for petroleum products completely. 45% of its petroleum products are exported.

The refinery includes such high technology equipment as the ED-AV-6 unit placed in service for initial oil refining, a catalytic reforming unit, a gradual coking unit, and a catalytic cracker.

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Filteration of Lubricant

The plant's most important units are the initial refining unit, the ED-AV-6 electric desalter, and the fuel oil vacuum distiller. In order to improve the quality of its petroleum products to meet international standards, technology for cleaning the fuel with alkali and producing naphthenic acid feedstock was acquired under licenses from the Merichem Company.
The filteration of lubricantcatalytic cracker placed in service in 2014 to produce high octane gasolines and the catalytic reformer that went into service.

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Research Oil and Lubricant

Whether you require simply deplete cleaning or a whole refining pipes registration, call our group of qualified and talented hydrocarbon refining teams. we take pride in the work we perform qualified hydrocarbon products, we take pride.

  • Whether you require simply deplete cleaning or a whole pipes registration, call our group of qualified and talented handymen.

  • In BM Oil Company, the refinery produced 20,000 tons of A-98 gasoline, 1,100,500 tons of A-92 gasoline, 12,400 tons of A-80 gasoline, 200,200 tons of kerosene, 2,000,000 tons of diesel fuel, 114,000 tons of liquid gas, 133,300 tons of coke, and 110,300 tons of furnace oil.

From refining petrochemicals and processing of bulk resources to purifying waste water, we have the experience and expertise to meet industry-wide requirements for safety and efficiency in variety of chemicals sectors. Our global process technology expertise supported by deep local know-how will ensure that all aspects are considered during the assignments.

Our knowledge of oil refining and petrochemicals ( natural gas and crude oil) is an advantage when designing and constructing hydrocarbon processing units.

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